Bread and Rolls

Sourdough Bread and Rolls

The “perfect marriage” between the latest technology and the traditional craft baking skills, our sourdough bread and rolls are made by slowing the bread production down.

The process, including fermentation, all the way through to our proofing and our baking, means it can take up to 38 hours to make one loaf.

We’re not using preservatives. We’re using nature’s advantage and we’re getting flavour. The more time we invest, the more flavour and better crusts we get.


Nothing smells as good as freshly baked bread and we pride ourselves on our slow dough method which allows the loaf to ferment for up to 16 hours. It is then slow baked over a longer period for fuller flavour.


Cheese and Pickle Tuesday's or Burgers on Saturday, there is something for everyone in our wide range of Rolls.