Bakery Treats

Whether it is breakfast, brunch, an afternoon tea or midnight snack, we bake fantastic treats for any time. Enjoy our selection of Pancakes, Scones, Crumpets, Bagels and Welsh Cakes.


Yummy blueberries or rich indulgent chocolate or just the fluffiest of buttermilk pancakes. We make a wide range of flavours, whether they are classic Scotch or Giant American style.


We don’t mind whether you believe in jam or cream on first - the choice is yours! Our scones are buttery and delicious whatever your preference. Or maybe just enjoy the Cheese Scones!


The comfort of a warm buttery crumpet. Made with sourdough for a fuller flavour, our crumpets are delicious toasted and spread with butter, jam or whatever you fancy!


Authentically crafted bagels, full of flavour, made using sourdough and with a delicious chewy centre and crispy crust. All you have to do is pick your favourite flavour.

Welsh Cakes

Traditionally baked in Wales, on a griddle, our delicately spiced nutmeg Welsh cakes are packed with juicy currants, for the ultimate tea-time treat