Village Bakery

Charity Policy

We are a family business that has grown from a small bakery in Coedpoeth so have strong links within the local community. In addition to providing employment opportunities for local people and minimising our environmental impact, we are delighted to support groups or individuals who are working to improve the community.

Each year we nominate a 'Local Charity of the Year' that we believe is providing a great service to the people of our local area. This year we have decided to support Hope House as their service is invaluable to ill children and their families.

In addition to our nominated charity, we are happy to support other groups or individuals in the local area. We receive many requests for donations and regrettably cannot help everyone, therefore we endeavour to focus our support on the activities that provide most value to the most worthy causes.

 We are most likely to support:

  • Local not-for-profit organisations or individuals with charitable purpose
  • Projects that will benefit the charity or local community
  • Projects that support Health & Wellbeing, Education and the Environment
  • Projects that are aligned with our brand values
  • Projects which are close to the hearts our employees

  We tend not to support:

  • Organisations or individuals that are not deemed to be local or those supporting causes that will have little benefit to the local community
  • Events where there is no charitable or community enriching outcome
  • Political organisations or causes
  • Applications that solely seek support for salaries
  • Individuals or groups seeking sponsorship for research projects, travel costs, expeditions or college and university fees. We have invested in a multi-million pound baking academy to help educate and train the future generation.
  • Any projects that could have a negative impact upon the Village Bakery brand or any of our customers or suppliers.


 Applying for donations:

All applications should be submitted in writing, either through the form below or by post to our Coedpoeth address. Please outline who is making the request, where the group or individual is based, what the activity/project is, who it will benefit and what the request is for.

As a bakery, we are in favour of donating product as opposed to cash donations so bare this in mind when applying. We consider all applications at the beginning of every month so please make sure you get in touch well in advance and do not be disheartened if responses take a while.


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