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Village Bakery Hereward Wheat

Village Bakery has travelled back in time to produce their very own wheat, Hereward wheat. It is of the highest quality for bread making.

The Hereward wheat has been produced over the harvest period of 2018 in Flintshire, North Wales, and the wheat will be used in the bakeries niche form of dough, slow dough.

The 50 acres of crop was sown into welsh soil during October 2017 and harvested at the end of the summer in 2018.  It was then taken to Rank Hovis in Manchester, which milled the grain into flour. This means the loaves have had a low carbon footprint.

Hereward wheat is not as widely grown as it used to be in the 1970’s and 1980’s, however, Robin Jones, Managing Director of the Village Bakery reckons it has a fuller flavour, producing a beautifully tasting loaf.

The loaves produced from the Hereward wheat will also be enriched with sourdough culture which includes honey from hives, which are kept on the slopes of Ruabon Mountain by the Chairman of the Village Bakery, Alan Jones. This will add extra flavours to the dough from the sugars.

This wheat will give the loaves an old fashioned taste in the new Village Bakery signature range which will be launched in the autumn.

Hereward wheat is the ideal crop for bread making due to the high protein levels and high hagberg falling number, which meet baker’s specification. The crop itself offers the benefits of early maturity and a strong standing in the field.

Robin said, ‘The inspiration for this new venture came from my father Alan, who always insisted in local sourcing before it became a trend.”

“The Hereward Wheat will produce welsh bread with great provenance, which is grown in North Wales, baked in North Wales and sold in North Wales.”

Village Bakeries products are truly born and baked in Wales!

Follow the link below to watch the story unfold on our Hereward Wheat. 

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