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A Year's Supply of Crumpets Won by Village Lover Lynne!

The Village Bakery launched a competition to find the biggest lover of their delicious sourdough crumpets, with the winning prize being a whole year’s supply of crumpets.

The competition winner Lynne from Flint in North Wales was delighted to hear she and her husband had a year’s supply of Village Bakery crumpets coming their way!

The competition was run by the Leader, asking customers to write in to why they love the Village Bakery’s Sourdough Crumpets so much. They received a high volume of entries, however, Lynne’s fantastic poem stood out the most.

Lynne and her husband Nigel love to enter competitions and particularly enjoy writing poems, their poem will feature on a slate in the Wrexham Bakeries reception.

A Year’s supply of sourdough crumpets will keep the couple happy for the next year, they have plenty of children and grandchildren to share them out with!

Lynne said “I love the Village Bakery crumpets; they are the best on the market by a mile.” “My favourite competitions to enter are like this one, where I got to write a poem.”

Nigel also loves the crumpets; he said “my only problem is that I can’t work out the secret of eating them without the butter going down the side of my mouth.” He’s got plenty to practice on for the next year.

Account manager, Thomas Kellaway, presented the couple with their first batch of the crumpets; he said “it was lovely to meet them both. Their love of our sourdough crumpets came through loud and clear in their lovely poem Lynne wrote. Defiantly a deserving winner.”

Lynne’s crumpet poem;

Village Bakery are the Best,

My Family always boast,

That Village Bakery Crumpets,

Are the ones we love the most.

When toasted they are crispy,

But nice and soft inside,

Myself, I find the best bit,

Is the secret that they hide.

They are full of little chimney's,

That keep the butter in,

You take a bite, then lick your lips,

As it dribbles down your chin.

Crumpets are for Breakfast,

Crumpets are for Tea,

And the Crumpets that taste best of all,

Come from Village Bakery. 

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